In Memourium


On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, two hijacked aircraft struck the World Trade Center in what was the worst act of terrorism that our country has ever seen. With the Twin Towers ablaze, Huntington Manor Fire Department Chief and New York City RESCUE 4 Firefighter Peter Nelson responded without hesitation. Acting with unflinching bravery, Peter, in conjunction with countless other rescuers, managed to successfully save the lives of approximately 25,000 civilians. In this final act of heroism, Peter unselfishly made the supreme sacrifice. He has left behind a legacy that will remain in our hearts forever. Peter was born in Huntington on October 7, 1958. He was introduced to the tradition of firefighting at a very early age. Growing up, Peter watched his father, Ex-Assistant Chief Al Nelson, and his brother, firefighter Mickey Nelson, dedicate countless hours to the volunteer fire service. On March 1, 1977, at the age of 18, Peter joined the Huntington Manor Volunteer Fire Department. In November of 1983, with only five years in the department, he obtained the rank of Lieutenant. Still wanting to do more and make firefighting a career, Peter became a New York City Firefighter in August of 1986. In October of 1986, after several weeks of hard work at the academy, he was assigned to FDNY Ladder Company 151 where he remained for 15 years. Looking to give even more of himself, Peter became Captain of the Hose Company #1 in Huntington Manor in November of 1998. In December of 2000, he moved up to the rank of 3rd Assistant Chief. Peter’s most recent firematic accomplishment was his appointment to FDNY’s elite RESCUE Company 4 on July 14, 2001. This accomplishment was achieved after several years of hard work and dedication, proving that Peter was in fact one of New York’s Bravest. The Huntington Manor Fire Department is home to many FDNY firefighters, NYPD officers and EMS personnel. Together we mourn the loss of our brother Pete. Our sincerest of thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and of all those affected by this horrible tragedy. On Saturday October 6th, 2001, a Memorial Service for Chief Peter Nelson was held. On this day, New York City’s Bravest and Huntington Manor’s Bravest joined together once again this time in honor of Peter